funnySo, it seems like lately quite a few of us are dealing with some pain. Whether it is caused by a recent accident, an illness, or an old issue that’s become active again you can, in most cases, still come to class.  Remember, class is about paying attention to your body and responding to it appropriately.  If you’ve hurt your knee running you may have to do “less” in postures that you sit in Japanese style.  Maybe you hurt your back lifting something heavy….you will have to be careful in the forward bending poses.  Focusing on your technique- HOW you do… rather than how MUCH you do is the important thing to remember.  Don’t forget that you come to class for your WHOLE body so if you don’t come to class because your neck is bothering you then your whole body pays the price.  You may have to back off a little bit now so you can feel better later. The all over, inside out, bones to skin benefits you get from this practice are worth it.
  If you are not sure how to go about the postures while you are healing talk to the teachers!  We can show you how to get 100% benefit out of your time in yoga.
 Sometimes it’s hard to not do as much as you’ve been used to doing and that’s OK.  That’s yoga  🙂