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Gulf Coast Yoga

744 E Venice Ave, Unit B
Venice, FL 34285-7023

phone: 941.882.3734

 Gulf Coast Yoga is proud to be an independently owned and operated business. We are not or ever have been, part of a franchise or affiliation.

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  1. Debbie

    Hi, I pass by your place everyday to and from work and always wondered what hot yoga was all about. After looking online at your website, I still have a few questions
    1. I see your introduction price of $30.00 a month, but I do not see what your prices are monthly afterwords. What are your monthly fees. I feel $30.00 does fit in my budget, but I don’t want to start something if it is something that doesn’t allow me to continue. Is there a contract involves in signing up? Are there registration fees etc.?
    2. You mention that these classes are for all levels. I have never in my life been in a yoga class, but I am recovering from a very painful pinched nerve in my neck, therefore, is yoga something that could irritated my condition?
    3. Is yoga for all ages? I am 58 yrs. old, but I am thinking of asking my mother who is 76 yrs. old to give it a try too but she does have high blood pressure, would that be a problem with the hot room?
    4. What are the usual amount of people in each class and which class would you think would be best to attend for beginners?
    And if I do decide to come, as mentioned on your website, do I just show up 15 minutes before class and sign up?
    I greatly appreciate your time in this matter.

    1. UpsideDownL (Post author)

      Hi Debbie!

      The 30 Days for $30 is an Introductory Special. Here’s a link to our regular price list:
      We also offer an “early bird” 6:30am class that is just $10 for a drop in. With the exception of our Monthly Auto Pay we do not have any registration fees or contracts.
      ALL classes are suitable for beginners! We have many students that had never tried yoga before joining us. Yoga is great for healing injuries! If you have a specific injury the teachers will help you learn the best way for you to modify poses as needed.
      Our students range any where between 20 and 90!! Most of our students fall in the 40-70 year range though. Yoga is known for helping people with blood pressure issues. It would great for your mom to join you.
      This time of year classes sizes vary. The best time for a beginner are the 9am classes…although you can attend any class on the schedule as well.
      just come in 15 minutes before class to sign up and get a look around. If you need to rent a mat or towel we have them available as well as water to purchase.
      We look forward to seeing you soon at the studio, Linda and David

  2. Cecelia Crigler

    I have 6 more chemotherapy treatments left out of 15. I’m fatigued & tired of laying around. Hopefully my chemo will be finished on 2/13/17. I feel I need more than massages to help me.
    I have little strength. I’m 64 almost 65, 5’6″ & about 142lbs. Feel as though I have to increase my stamina. Thanks, Cela

    1. UpsideDownL (Post author)

      Hi Cecelia,
      Once you have the go ahead from your doctor to exercise please come in and see us. Our classes are structured so YOU only need to do as much as you are able on any given day. We encourage students to take a break, rest and then join in when you can. Over time you will gain more strength and stamina and the best part is you work at your own pace. One of the best things about our practice is the detoxing of your body, through sweat and movement you will be able to get your systems back up to speed and get rid the “junk” that may still be in your body. If you have any other questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to let me know.
      Look forward to having you in class soon

  3. Debra

    Hi what about obese people. How do they benefit. My grand daughter has PCOS , she is 17 and weighs 290 lbs with this disease extremely hard to lose weight, and she is uncomfortable going to the gym. I am no skinny peson either but am looking for something more interesting then going to a gym with buffed out babe bods, as I watch they do not clean up after each other after using equipment. It’s kind of gross. I received an intro 20.00 first month can we both use it. Also as the sole supporter of her and I is there discounts for two people joining. I appreciate your help and answers. Thank you Respectfully Debra

    1. UpsideDownL (Post author)

      Hi Debra,

      Our classes are all inclusive….ANY body shape, size or age. Any fitness level from a beginner to an experienced athlete will see benefits! Just take a look at some of the pictures on our website and on our Facebook Page! I have taught this yoga for more than 10 years and I can tell you sooo many stories from students that their lives are changed for the better…whether its weight loss, blood pressure management, recovery from surgeries, hormonal issues, sleep problems or even just a basic overall improvement of quality of life. Class may seem challenging at first but the first and foremost thing to remember is YOU CAN REST whenever you feel you need to.
      We take pride in the cleanliness of our studio. I make sure EVERY DAY that bathroom and shower is sanitized, mirrors are spotless and all areas are clean.
      As long you and your grand daughter are local residents and new to the studio then, yes, you may use the discount for the both of you. Please bring the card in with you when you come in for your first class…just arrive about 15-20 minutes early to fill out registration form and get situated. Hope to meet you both soon! Linda

      1. Debra

        Thank you Linda. I am taking Sevenah for some over night testing 2/6 and 2/7. Then we will be free. I would like to take some of the 6 p.m. classes with her before she starts the 9 a.m. classes as I work and she has school and works as well a. Is that possible. She drives herself and is very responsible.
        Thank you again for helping us.

        1. UpsideDownL (Post author)

          Hi Debra,
          Sounds great! We look forward to meeting you both soon 🙂

  4. Sally Lawrence


    I’m interested in joining your Tuesday night warm Pilates Class. I see it is $20.00 per class, do you run any package deals on that? Should I sign up on line or just show up 15 -20 mins before the class.

    Thank you,

  5. Nancy Nyberg-Pennell

    Hi I want to start yoga classes but have no experience, out of physical shape and am concerned a bit about the hot classes due to I have asthma but it is not exersize related. Do you have “cool areas”?

    Are most of all the classes during the week after 5? I see Saturday is 11 am. Thanks I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. UpsideDownL (Post author)

      Hi Nancy, Yes, we do have a “cooler” side that some students like to practice in…As far as the asthma, we have quite a few students that have experienced major relief from asthma symptoms after just a few classes. Here is a link to our schedule page:

      Hope to meet you soon,
      Linda and David

    2. UpsideDownL (Post author)

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