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Friday, June 9     

Join our Special  “Y”intensive Yoga Evening


From 6pm to 7:15 we will be holding the regular Friday night WARM Yin class. Immediately following the last Savasana (rebound) those wishing to leave may and the next hour and 45 minutes will continue on with more Yin.  Jeanne will be helping you explore more postures to aid in opening up your body using relaxation and awareness.

  “Rest is how the tissues rehydrate. When you do heavy exercise you are driving the water out of the tissue in the same way that if you step on a wet beach you push the water out of the sand, and when you pick up your foot the water seeps back into that sand. You’re doing the same thing with tissues, when you’re really working out you are driving the water out of the tissue while you are working…The rhythm [of your fitness regimen] should include some rest… When you take the strain off of the tissues, like a sponge they will suck up that water and be ready for more exercise.” – Tom Myers, Anatomy Trains creator

Regular class rate applies for the 6 – 7:15pm 

Members wishing to stay – $15

Non member price for the full 3 hours –  $30


GCY LOGOGULF COAST YOGA offers classes that are specifically designed to help YOU make changes.  There are no bells, no gongs and no incense here. GULF COAST YOGA in Venice, FL offers the 90 minute ORIGINAL therapeutic Hatha Yoga Class done in a hot room.  We now also offer a 60 minute WARM Pilates Class and a 75 minute WARM Yin class.  Check the schedule page for more details!

ALL classes offer consistent step-by-step instructions by qualified teachers.  The room is heated by intention to allow your muscles to loosen, stretching more easily, helping to prevent injury and to allow your skin to detoxify and cleanse.  Beginners are welcome to come to any class on the schedule.

 Don’t be afraid of a little sweat!

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30 Days for $30


Introductory Special for New Students,

 Local Residents Only.

**This is the “fine print”….You must participate in 15 full 90 minute classes within your 30 day intro period to qualify for a refund.  If you do not feel better, look better and your friends, family  and/or co workers have not asked you, “What the heck have you been doing??” all you have to do is let us know and we will refund your money.**

Come as often as you like – every day, 3 times a week, whatever fits your schedule.  The more classes you can take in your first 30 days the better you’ll feel! *Intro Special is for New Students, Local residents only* Check the schedule page for class times

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  1. UpsideDownL (Post author)

    Hi Deb,

    The 30Days for $30 is our regular Introductory Special. We will definitely still be running this in January 2017! Hope to meet you soon!


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